Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TWILIGHT, not the truly appalling series of vampire novels. I'm talking about the real, honest-to-goodness twilight. If you can remember before all this craziness around the books started, there was a good meaning to the word.

It's these summer twilights I'm falling in love with all over again this year, when the warmth of the day is still a delightful surprise that lingers even as the sun begins to set. I look out my window these days and watch the blue go from pink back to deepening blue again, until all the buildings and the courtyard take on a bluish cast themselves and finally the night cool begins to come. Twilight is a beautiful time of day precisely because of its ephemerality. It's a moment of stillness that seems all the more precious because it is immediately subject to change. The color of blue that we see is beautiful because it is soon replaced by purple deepening into black.

Twilight is a restful time of day because it is generally when the day's tasks have been done and we can look forward to a more peaceful night. At the same time, it's probably the most pensive time of day for me, and the time when I get my best writing done. For your own creativity, try to pick out the time of day that makes you feel most pensive and at ease, and set aside that time for writing. Drudge work can be done at any time, but creativity needs special time.


  1. Ah, "twilight" and "vampires" have a way cooler meaning before the novel comes out... Good ol' days, good ol' days...

  2. sure
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